{DISCOVER} 15 Beauty Hacks For Women Over 40 To Look Fantastic!

Beauty consists of many factors, but we all know that without proper care our appearance wouldn’t be so bright and stunning.

We use different life hacks to look more self-confident and successful and it is not in vain. It is known that female politicians who have employed makeup artists were 30% more likely to win elections by just grooming their eyebrows and wearing certain colors.

Pursuing perfection, we found 15 hacks for you, that can help you with your beauty routine.

1. Make your lipstick matte

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To make any lipstick matte is almost too easy. You only need a tissue and translucent powder.

Apply any lipstick that you want to make matte. Take a piece of tissue, separate the plies, and cover your mouth with one ply. After that you need a brush and translucent powder. Gently apply the powder to the tissue over your mouth.

2. Get rid of pimples and imperfections with the help of salt.

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Many girls try to reduce inflammation on their skin with the help of ice. But there is a very good hack that each of us can find at home. Use salt. It is a well-known antibacterial cure that helps to pull out oil from pores. And this is exactly what you need to get rid of pimples.

Take one teaspoon of sea salt and add enough water to make a paste. Apply it to the problematic spot and let it dry. For sensitive skin it’s better to leave it for about 10 minutes. Afterward, wash your face with warm water.

3. Toothpaste + baking soda for blackheads



If you’re tired of blackheads on your T-zone, mix a bit of toothpaste with baking soda. Use a new toothbrush to gently rub it on your chin, nose, and forehead for a few minutes. Then wash it off with warm water. The mixture gets rid of blackheads and cleans the skin of extra oil.

Beware that toothpaste might be unsuitable for sensitive skin. If you develop a rash or itchiness, discontinue use immediately.

4. Make your own lip color with eyeshadow and salve.


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Have you ever been getting ready for an event and realized that you don’t have that perfect lipstick to emphasize your lips? Problem solved. Just get a lip balm, mix it with an eyeshadow pigment that you like, and apply your new lipstick with your finger or a brush.

5. Fix foundation stains with shaving cream.

Have you ever had a makeup stain on your clothes? Sometimes you’re just in a rush to get to work or a date and accidentally drop makeup on your blouse or t-shirt. And every girl knows how difficult these stains are to get rid of. There is a very simple and fast solution. Apply some shaving cream on the spot, leave it, and then put it in the washing machine or clean it by hand.

6. Get rid of blackheads with eggs.

There is no need to buy an expensive mask to clean your pores. The only thing you need is eggs and tissues. Mix one egg and make 3 layers alternating with tissues. Leave it to dry for 30 minutes and remove the mask.

7. Make your hair thicker with eggs

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Eggs are a universal product that can help to not just improve your skin, but also to thicken your hair. Just beat 2-3 eggs in a cup and wash your hair with it. Leave this mask on for 3-5 minutes, then rinse, and follow up with conditioner. After using this egg treatment for your hair once or twice a week, you will see a positive difference.

8. Make your old beauty blender new.


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There is no need to constantly buy a new beauty sponge. Just take olive oil and anti-dandruff shampoo and mix them in a cup. Insert your old sponge in the cup and leave it. After some time, take it out, squeeze it to get rid of the soap, and rinse it with water. Let it dry and it’s like new.

9. Fan brush hack.


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If you don’t have a fan brush, take a normal makeup brush, fan it out, and brace it with a hairpin. Enjoy your makeup.

10. Eyelash lift


Applying mascara every morning and again if you’re going out for dinner can sometimes feel tiresome. Some people might even be allergic to the components of mascara. Fret no more! There is a great solution: eyelash lifts. You can either visit a beauty salon or use one of the DIY kits sold online.

11. Plumper lips

Plumper lips

Lip augmentation, with all those needles and blood, can scare anyone. But there is a simple way to make your lips plumper: just take a fork, and gently poke your lips. This will increase blood circulation and make them look sexier. Then apply your lipstick or lip gloss.

12. Easy fringe trimming technique


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If you have no time to go to the hairdresser, then you can try trimming your fringe at home. Separate the hair you want to cut, twirl it a little, and then cut with scissors. Now you just need to make a few final snips to tidy up the shape. Done!

13. Duct tape curls

Duct tape curls


Our grandmas taught us to use newspaper or pieces of cloth to curl our hair. But there is a 21st-century method! Get some duct tape, and cut it into pieces of even length. Fold so that the sticky part is inside, and then use as curlers. Sleep on them for a night, and you will have beautiful curls in the morning.

14. Matching lip gloss with nail color

Matching lip gloss with nail color


This is probably one of the coolest and easiest hacks. We all want that perfect color match for both our lips and nails. But what if you don’t have a matching nail polish at hand? Use your lip gloss or lipstickinstead.

Apply it to each nail, and then cover with 2 layers of top coat. Done! You’ve got yourself a perfect match for your lips and nails!

15. Dark underarm spot removal

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Men’s hair removal products are so good that ladies can also use them. For example, the dark spots under your armpits can be easily whitened by using Nivea Men Dark Spot Reduction Cream.

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